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Social Impact


We also seek to play a key role in social transformation in Liberia by providing
private and government client services on a broad spectrum of social
matters. The Firm’s Managing Attorney was the lead consulting attorney to the
Ministry of Justice Anti-Human Trafficking National Action Plan team, where
she assisted in the development, drafting, and implementation of Liberia’s
National Action Plan.

She was also a lead member of the GOL’s Joint Anti Human Trafficking Secretariat (comprised of the Ministry of Justice and the
Ministry of Labor) and assisted in developing strategy for its anti-human
trafficking public awareness and outreach campaign.
We are also passionate about sustainable development in Liberia. We firmly
believe that sustainable development is an elusive goal until all Liberians have
equal access to legal and social justice. Our goal is to pursue and accept
projects, matters, and cases, the outcome of which will contribute to a more
equitable means of access to social theamericandogmag justice in Liberia